Waldschule Helenenschacht

Lagerplatz Ritzing

Waldschule Helenenschacht

Waldschule Helenenschacht is comprised of an old yet charming elementary school building and about 25 acres (10 ha) of surrounding lush forests and camping areas. It was the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides who turned this natural treasure into an international campsite for youth groups. Today Waldschule Helenenschacht is managed by a team of highly committed volunteers.

Every year, we spend an unbelievable amount of hours at Waldschule Helenenschacht to maintain and preserve the campsite and its surrounding natural environment for future generations. We strive to provide our guests seeking the thrill of nature adventure with everything their hearts could wish for.

Please keep in mind every little help takes us one step closer to our goal! So if you find, let’s say, a full trash can that you have not even used and empty it anyway, you have already helped us in two ways: first, we do not have to empty it ourselves and have more time for other work; secondly, such good deeds help us to recharge our batteries and motivation to keep the volunteer work going.

»Please leave Waldschule Helenenschacht a little better than you found it.«

This general rule has unfortunately not been clear enough for a few groups in the past. This is why we have to lay down a few site rules with a lot of individual points that should go without saying:

Site rules

Booking requests

Please carefully read our site rules and check the [booking calendar] on our website to make sure that your preferred dates are still available. Complete the booking form and email it to our team. We will reply within three days.

Once our team has confirmed your request, please transfer the booking deposit to our account (see booking) within seven days to complete the booking process. Otherwise we have to cancel your booking.

The booking process is completed as soon as we have received your signed booking form and your booking deposit. Our team will send you a final confirmation email and enter your dates into our booking calendar.

Booking deposit

The booking deposit amounts to € 150.

If the total costs of your camp are lower than your transferred booking deposit, we will pay back the rest when preparing the invoice.


If you have to cancel your booking, Waldschule Helenenschacht reserves the right to charge cancellation fees and retain the following amounts:

If your camp does not take place without your prior cancellation, we are forced to inform all other Austrian Scout Centers and reserve the right to block any future bookings.

Changing your camp dates is considered to be a cancellation and new reservation.


Please send the person in charge of your camp to look for our team member as soon as you arrive. He/she will then show you the house or your booked campsite. You may not already set up camp in the house or on the premises of Waldschule Helenenschacht before registering with our team member.

The same applies to any member of your group arriving earlier than the rest of the group.

You will receive the key to the house and its fuse box (where you will also find the main gas valve). Please watch out not to lose our keys, as we would have to charge you with the costs of replacing all the locks.

We ask you to check all the facilities you need and inform our team member of any problems or defects so they are documented on our Check-in Form up to one hour after the tour. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any claims such as “that is not ours” or “we have not done that” at a later date.


Our team member will inspect all the facilities and premises with one of your team members before you leave. The campsite and all its facilities need to be cleaned and undamaged to be accepted by our team.

Moreover, please dismantle all your camp constructions and properly return the used timber to our stock.

Please keep in mind that you may only leave once you have successfully checked out. See our compensation fee list for subsequent cleaning and repairs/replacements.

Please do not forget to take 45 minutes of your time to check out at least about two hours before leaving. Only then do you have enough time to successfully check out and make up for any work you may have forgotten.


The following parking rules apply at Waldschule Helenenschacht:

You may stop your car on the left side of the road (looking uphill) along the greenfield area for short periods of time (e.g. unloading). As local fire and rescue services need to be able to reach the Helenenschacht settlement in case of fire or an emergency, the right-hand side of the road must stay free of cars at all times.

Cars may not be driven into the forest or onto the greenfield areas! If you need help carrying your equipment to your campsite, our team will support you with our tractor.

Any car repair work that would usually be carried at a gas station is strictly prohibited at Waldschule Helenenschacht (environmental pollution). In case of violation, we will have to end you camp and ask you to leave.

Gas storage

Our gas storage tank is located behind the house in a fenced area. Entering this area is prohibited.

If you smell gas, immediately close the main gas valve in the meter box and notify our team.


While staying at Waldschule Helenenschacht, you shall assume full liability for individuals and equipment as well as any related injury or damage. The landlord shall not assume liability for personal injury, material damage, lost property or stolen items.

Guests stay at Waldschule Helenenschacht and use its facilities, material, equipment and constructions at their own risk.


You may not cut down or debark any trees (birch trees!), bushes or branches. You will find ample fry firewood lying around in the forest. Moreover, we will provide you with extra firewood, if needed.


Our entire inventory is the property of “Support Association for the Preservation of Waldschule Helenenschacht” (Unterstützungsverein zum Erhalt der Waldschule Helenenschacht). If inventory is damaged or lost, we reserve the right to charge a compensation fee; see compensation fee list.

If a lost or damaged inventory item is not included in the compensation fee list, it is for us to decide whether compensation is due or not from case to case.

The entire inventory of the house (including pots and pans!) may only be used in the house. Exceptions only where appropriate – e.g. of course you may take the pots outside to serve food on the roofed patio but you may not use them to cook over open fire. There are no exceptions to this rule for mattresses, furniture and fire extinguishers.


Please carefully separate your waste for the sake of our environment. Residual waste bins are only emptied, if you use the brown garbage bags provided by the Burgenland Waste Association (BMV). Residual waste in black garbage bags will not be emptied. Ask our local team member to purchase the brown garbage bags of the Burgenland Waste Association. The less waste you produce and the more you separate, the fewer garbage bags with residual waste will you have to pay for.

Waste paper

Please use the waste bin with the red cover for your waste paper and cardboard.


Dispose of biodegradable waste, coffee filters, paper tissues, tea bags etc. as compost.

Food waste and leftovers

Dispose of cooked leftovers, meat, sausage, cheese and jam as residual waste. Please do not treat such waste as compost (attracts rats).

Cooking oil and fat

Waldschule Helenenschacht collects cooking oil and fat in a separate storage container (small yellow bucket in the kitchen), which we dispose of for you.


Use the yellow sack for plastic waste of the Burgenland Waste Association to dispose of clean plastic packaging, foil, PET bottles, styrofoam, milk cartons, yoghurt pots etc. Ask our team for free yellow sacks.

Glass, metal

Please use the special bins in the waste separation area to dispose of clear glass, colored glass, and metal cans. At the end of your stay, please empty the bins for waste glass and metal into the town’s recycling containers: take the first right on your way down to Gasthof Weber. Please empty these bins even if they have not been emptied before your arrival.

Problem waste

Please take problem waste back home, e.g. old batteries, oven cleaner, gas cartridges, paintbrushes, spray can, nail polish, cleaning agents, disinfectants, paint, varnish, medical thermometers, injection needles, ice packs, medicine, neon tubes, aerosol cans, toner cartridges etc.

If the waste bins are not emptied before you leave, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee; see compensation fee list .

Latrines, cesspits and disposal of biodegradable waste

You may not dig latrines or cesspits.

Dispose of cooked leftovers, meat, sausage, cheese and jam as residual waste. We have a compost heap for all other biodegradable waste.


You need to bring and use your own bed sheets when sleeping in the house. The same applies even using your sleeping bag on the mattress! If you do not bring your own bed sheets, we will provide you with sheets for the duration of your stay.


Many people living in the Helenenschacht area appreciate some peace and quiet. As Waldschule Helenenschacht is located in a recreation area, we ask you to keep your noise levels to a minimum, particularly at nighttime between 10pm and 6am. Please keep this in mind when sitting around the campfire our playing games at night.

Neighbors and residents

We are on friendly terms with our neighbors and the residents of Ritzing. Please help us to maintain this great relationship and behave accordingly. People do not distinguish between group names, neckerchiefs or different associations. Even if your kids or young adults are not part of the Scout Movement, Waldschule Helenenschacht is still a Scout Center – please do not compromise the reputation of the Scout Movement.

If there are any serious problems or disagreements, please contact our team at any time and as soon as possible.

Waldschule Helenenschacht was founded and maintained with the help of many residents of Ritzing. This is why it is not uncommon for residents to stop by and visit whoever is there. Please welcome them, offer them something to drink and a few minutes of your time – you will certainly win their hearts and ultimately benefit from a little hospitality.

Alcohol and smoking

Please refrain from consuming alcohol when staying with children or young adults at Waldschule Helenenschacht. Do not smoke or drink in front of children or young adults.

Adjacent hunting area

The surrounding woods (beyond the property line of Waldschule Helenenschacht) are a hunting area for certified hunters. You may not enter these woods between 4pm and 8am.

Moreover, we would like to ask you not to enter the forest (across the creek and the eastern border of Waldschule Helenenschacht), as not to disturb the feeding of wild game.