Waldschule Helenenschacht

Lagerplatz Ritzing

Waldschule Helenenschacht

As the Scout Center of the Austrian federal province of Burgenland, Waldschule Helenenschacht is open to all scout groups as well as other groups and organizations. We also welcome family celebrations, private parties, company events, and training seminars.

Overnight stays

House per person/night € 6,75
Campsite per person/night € 4,80
Minimum overnight stay fee € 100,00

Prices for companies and businesses upon request!

You need to bring and use your own bed sheets when sleeping in the house. The same applies even using your sleeping bag on the mattress! If you do not bring your own bed sheets, we will provide you with sheets for the duration of your stay.

Bed sheets (per stay) € 6,00


Gas (m3) € 4,80
Water including canal dues (m3) € 3,90
One-time water hydrant fee € 45,00
Electricity (kWh) € 1,40
Timber: round logs1 (m) € 2,20
Timber: planks1 (piece) € 2,70
Firewood: fallen dead firewood self-collected included
Firewood: box of cut-to-length firewood for the stove € 50,00
Firewood: per piled meter € 125,00
Garbage bag residual waste (110 l) € 5,10
Garbage bag plastic waste (110 l) included
Biodegradable waste on compost heap included

1)The costs of timber that is returned in good order as whole and without nails, holes, or drawings will be reimbursed.

Subsequent cleaning

We expect you to observe our site rules and leave both house and campsites at least in the same way as you found them. If this is not the case, however, we reserve the right to charge the following fees:

Subsequent cleaning: smaller issues € 40,00
Subsequent cleaning: one room € 70,00
Subsequent cleaning: kitchen € 120,00
Subsequent cleaning: entire house € 250,00
Subsequent cleaning: campsites € 100,00 - 250,00
Remove camp constructions € 150,00
Take care of fire pit, plant grass € 150,00
Emptying waste bins € 40,00

If anything is damaged or needs to be replaced for whatever reason, we reserve the right to charge the full costs of replacement or compensation in accordance with our compensation fee list. We will provide you with a complete list of replacement/compensation fees for your insurance upon request.